In our quest for a long and fulfilling life, many of us frequently find inspiration in the places that are the healthiest in the globe.

The "Blue Zones," or regions with increased longevity, have drawn the attention of academics, scientists, and health enthusiasts.

A grouping of villages in Sardinia, Italy, was the first Blue Zone to be identified after researchers found the highest concentration of men who lived to be over 100.

Sardinia, Italy

Its residents, who eat superfoods including tofu, miso, and seaweed, live by the Japanese concept of "ikigai," defined as a motivating force that gives people a sense of purpose .

Okinawa, Japan

Some residents of Loma Linda, California, in the United States, live on average 10 more years than the average American.

Loma Linda, California, United States

In this part of Central America, the average life expectancy is one of the world's highest at 85 – despite average incomes being among the nation's lowest.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

The chances of living past the age of 90 are high among the residents of this Greek island, and the possibility of getting dementia is low.

Ikaria, Greece

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By Priyanka Sawant