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Trump's wealth 

Arrow estimates Trump's net worth at $2 billion. Trump was elected president in

2017 and served one term. The billionaire was the richest US president.

Donald Trump earned $200,000 through family profits at age three. By 8, Trump was a billionaire owing to family trust funds that earn $5 million each year.

With a $60;million loan from his father, Trump relocated the family firm to Manhattan in 1979 and began building Trump Tower in 1982.

Trump's propérties include: Trump Tower.Trump Wo Winery, a boutique hotel in

Charlottesville, Virginia.Miami's Trump Doral golf club.Luxury hotel/condo complex 40 Wall Street in NYC.

President’s Pay.Trump made $400,000 year and gave all but $1 to charity. As ex-president, he'll get a $211,000 yearly pension

Trump lost platforms and ties after the Capitol incident on January 6, 2021. Deutsche Bank won't do

business with Trump, and Signature Bank will cancel his accounts.