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Twitch CEO Resigns Amid Streamer Pay Controversy


Twiteh's SVP of global creators announced her resignation the same day the firm changed how it pays

top talent. In a statement to workers seen by Bloomberg, Constance Knight said

she's going on à "new journey that affords tremendous development chances” Knight worked at Instagram and YouTube.

Knight left after Inc.- owned Twitch cut its top broadcasters'subscription earnings.

Online superstars like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins may make millions of dollars

playing games and interacting with followers thanks to à deal that gives them 70% of subscription income.

In an attempt to enhance profitability, Twitch President Dan  Clancy said top broadcasters would get 70% of income up to $100,000, then decrease to a 50/50 split.

Clancy: "We can't run this service without money." "That's by design,

not a flaw. This intrinsic collaboration is why we support streamers' careers and objectives.