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10. DRX (LCK) Very few people predicted that DRX would make it over LiiV Sandbox during the LCK regional qualifier.


9. Rogue (LEC) Rogue might come in as the LEC Champions but most would consider their victory in the finals against G2 Esports an upset.

8. DWG KIA (LCK) The performance of Damwon Kia relies heavily on whether or not the team has successfully integrated Nuguri back into the team.

7. T1 (LCK) If T1’s performance was based on the Spring Split, they would be a lot higher on this list.

6. G2 Esports (LEC) G2 Esports had a fantastic season at the Mid-Season Invitational.

5. Royal Never Give Up (LPL) The reigning back-to-back Mid-Season Invitational champions had a weird summer split in the League Pro League.

4. JD Gaming (LPL) JD Gaming is undoubtedly a formidable team going into Worlds 2022.

3. Edward Gaming (LPL) The LPL third seed being higher than the LPL one seed does come as a shock but there are reasons behind it.

2. Top Esports (LPL) Top Esports being here might generate some controversy, considering they are very well known for their volatility of play as well as player performance and form.

1. Gen.G (LCK) Gen. G return to Worlds as the kings of LCK with a seat at the top of our rankings.