Urfi Javed makes an edible top entirely of bubblegum

Urfi Javed made an edible top entirely out of bubblegum, leaving netizens in awe.

The actress created the unique outfit for a photoshoot, which went viral on social media.

Many were impressed by Urfi's creativity and praised her for thinking out of the box.

However, some criticized the outfit, calling it weird and unappealing.

Urfi responded to the backlash, stating that she wanted to do something different and fun.

The outfit took over six hours to make, and Urfi even chewed the gum herself.

Despite the mixed reactions, Urfi's bubblegum top has gained significant attention online.

The actress is known for her bold and unconventional fashion choices and often experiments with her looks.

Urfi rose to fame after appearing on the reality show Bigg Boss OTT.

she is currently in her prime because her recent outfits have been some of the most unexpected and unique so far.

She continues to be a popular figure on social media and often shares glimpses of her personal and professional life.

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