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US President's Air Force One Touches Down In UK Ahead Of Queen's Funeral


Air Force One, carrying US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, has landed at Stansted Airport as leaders from around the

globe fly in to attend Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Monday. The US President and First Lady have arrived in the UK after traveling

from Washington D.C to Stansted Airport onboard Air Force One. The aircraft, a converted Boeing 747-200B (Boeing VC-25A),

departed US Air Force facility Joint Base Andrews near Washington D.C and touched down at London Stansted Airport just after

22:30 local time on Saturday night. The US President was granted an exemption to travel onboard Air Force One. Photo: Lukas

Souza. The flight was met by US ambassador to the UK Jane Hartley, Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jennifer Tolhurst and several other high-ranking officials.

President Biden is expected to sign the official condolence book and attend a reception at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, followed by the state funeral of Queen

Elizabeth II on Monday.President Biden departed Stansted Airport under heavy guard as part of an extensive motorcade. The President and First Lady sat in

 the back of an armored limousine dubbed the "The Beast", featuring various offensive and defensive capabilities along with reinforced doors as heavy as a Boeing 757s.