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Venkataramani is the new Advocate General


New Delhi, September 29- Senior Supreme Court lawyer R. Venkataramani has been appointed.

He will continue as AG for the next 3 years.

KK Venugopal's tenure as Attorney General will end tomorrow. In this background,

Venugopal's successor is R. The central government has issued an order appointing Venkataramani.

According to a notification by the Union Law and Justice Department, the central

government had requested President Draupadimurmu to nominate Venkataramani as the

Attorney General of India for the next three years. Accordingly, Venkataramani was appointed.

Under Article 76(1) of the Constitution, the President has the power to appoint the Attorney General of India as per the Cabinet decision of the Central Government.

Venkataramani is an eminent Supreme Court lawyer with expertise in important issues including constitutional law, environmental law, tribal people's rights, women's and children's rights.