RB Brian Robinson of the Washington Commanders was taken to the hospital after suffering several gunshot wounds.

In an attempted robbery in Washington, D.C., rookie running back Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington Commanders was shot multiple times in the lower body.

His status is stable, and he remained in the hospital on Sunday, a source with knowledge of the matter confirmed to USA TODAY Sports.

Robin’s injuries are thought to not be life threatening, according to the source, who spoke on the

condition of anonymity because the team had not released any information about the event.

Earlier than six o'clock local time, said to Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Dustin

Sternbeck, police were dispatched to the heavily populated, restaurant.

The lone victim was sent to a local hospital with two lower extremity gunshot wounds, according to Sternbeck. Police discovered a handgun nearby,

but the suspects had already left the area by the time they arrived, Sternbeck said. They think the

victim was the intended target of an armed robbery attempt.