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Weekly Fortnite challenges: The Driftwood and Where to get a Marksman Rifle


Another set of weekly tasks for Fortnite has been released, and to be very candid, this batch is boring. Rather than strange

All we need to do is repeat certain simple but necessary duties, not engaging ones. This at least makes earning money a little bit simpler.

the 20k XP that each challenge offers, although it could get boring after a while. It's preferable to let these challenges unfold if anything.

the rest of the season, steadily completing them in the backdrop.

Check out our for a summary of everything new in the most recent Fortnite update.

list of the most significant changes. In addition, if you missed last week's challenges, we offer a guide to them.

The Marksman Rifle, also called the DMR, is an excellent sniper weapon that prioritizes higher rate of fire over high damage.

Although it is not a one-shot kill weapon like the Hunter Bolt Action Sniper, it will be more useful to you in a firefight.

75 meters is not a particularly far distance to shoot at; just make an effort to remain undetected and choose the ideal moment to fire. It shouldn't require many blows to deal 150 damage.