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What happens when ‘Doomsday Glacier' disintegrates?


Many climate change campaigners say the "doomsday" represented by  the moniker "Doomsday Glacier" may be arriving soon

What we now know: New research analysed seafloor ridges. These rib- like structures show how the sea pushed the glacier for millennia

This differs from prior data acquired from satellite maps of the glacier as it edges toward a complete (or near total) collapse into the ocean.

This glacier's collapse seems  inevitable, and the ramifications are serious. According to the

International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, 4% of climate change- caused

sea-level rise so far occurred from  Thwaites, and a sudden catastrophic collapse would increase sea levels 25

inches higher. "Scientists want to know how rapidly this may happen,” Athena Dinar said.

Southern Louisiana and Mississippi would be devastated. Manhattan would just be sprayed, despite flood

threat in Hudson Yards. Los Angeles would be spared, save for Venice Beach.