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Wonder Affirms the One Thing that Can Really Kill the hulk


Its an obvious fact that the Mass is perhaps of the most grounded substance in the Wonder Universe, yet on the grounds that he is solid on a

grandiose level doesn't mean he's totally resistant and Wonder Comics affirms the one thing that can really kill him.

Bruce Standard otherwise known as the Mass was changed into the

gamma transform in the wake of being impacted with a deadly portion of radiation.

Instead of killing him, in any case, the gamma radiation everlastingly modified his DNA, transforming him

into an animal fit for unmatched obliteration on a planetary scale

While the Mass has been a leader Wonder Comics character for quite a

long time, the fullest degree of his power seemingly wasn't completely investigated until

Universal Conflict Mass where the Mass takes up arms against the legends of Earth in the wake of being shipped off world by the Illuminati