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Your screen time is harming your skin!

Excessive screen time can lead to increased exposure to blue light, which may contribute to skin damage and aging.

Prolonged screen use can cause digital eye strain and fatigue, leading to tired-looking skin.

Staring at screens for long periods may lead to a decrease in blinking, resulting in dry and irritated skin.

Blue light emitted from screens can disrupt the skin's natural sleep-wake cycle, affecting skin repair and regeneration.

Close proximity to screens can expose the skin to electromagnetic radiation, potentially causing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Poor posture during screen time can contribute to the development of tech neck, a condition characterized by sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck.

Frequent scrolling and typing on devices can transfer dirt, oils, and bacteria onto the skin, potentially leading to breakouts.

Reduced physical activity and sedentary behavior associated with excessive screen use may negatively impact overall skin health and vitality.

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