YouTuber receives flak after helping 1,000 deaf people hear again

On May 7, 2023, YouTube icon Jimmy "MrBeast" uploaded a new video in which he helped 1,000 deaf people hear again.

A YouTuber named Demonic has come under fire for his recent charitable actions.

He partnered with MrBeast to help 1,000 deaf people hear for the first time.

The gesture was widely praised, but some criticized it as a publicity stunt.

Demonic responded to the backlash, saying he didn't do it for attention.

He also shared his own experience of hearing loss and the impact it had on his life.

Demonic emphasized that he just wanted to make a positive difference.

The YouTuber thanked those who supported him and apologized to those he offended.

He stated that he would continue to use his platform to help others in need.

Demonic's actions highlight the power of social media for positive change.

It is important to recognize and encourage such efforts, rather than tear them down.

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