Adipurush Is A Disaster, According To Netizens, The Future of Bollywood Following The Adipurush Disaster

    Adipurush Disaster: The film’s debut yesterday verified fans’ worst fears, and they have been venting their rage on social media ever then.

    When Lord Hanuman arrives in Lanka as a messenger for Lord Ram, Meghnad sets his tail on fire and taunts him, “Jali na?” in a scene from the highly awaited Bollywood film Adipurush, which was released yesterday.

    Adipurush Disaster

    This remark may strike a bell for readers since it is reminiscent of a massively mummified phrase from the 2004 romance movie Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, in which Akshay Kumar mocks Salman Khan – “Jali na, teri bhi jali na?”

    Adipurush, the latest film from Rebel Star Prabhas, has become the buzz of the town. On June 16, 2023, the film was released in cinemas. Unfortunately, the picture fell short of expectations. 

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    The hashtag #AdipurushDisaster has been trending on social media. People are making fun of the film by pointing out the contrasts between the original Ramayan and the current Ramayan. 

    On social media, netizens are criticizing the film. Prabhas has not commented on the film, either before or after its release. He may have known the ending of the film, which is why he avoids interacting with others.

    We’ve selected a few tweets for you. Look at it this way:

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