Anne Heche, ex-Tupper’s dispute with their son Laffoon!

Anne Heche image with her ex James Tupper
Credit: SportsKeeda Anne Heche with her ex James Tupper

Anne Heche ex-Tupper’s dispute with their son Laffoon! There is a dispute about who should be given control of Anne Heche’s inheritance. Heche’s ex-boyfriend, filed a case in Los Angeles on Thursday. In court paperwork, he asserted his authority as the estate’s successor.

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It’s all about Anne Heche’s ex and her son’s dispute.

Following the actress’s death without a will, Heche’s son, Homer Laffoon petitioned to be designated executor of the estate. Additionally, he requested to be named the legal guardian of his brother Atlas Heche Tupper, who is 13 years old. He is Heche’s child with Tupper. According to court records, the boys are the sole two successors of their mother’s inheritance.

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However, the “Men in Trees” actor asserts in the document acquired by The Times that Heche did have a will and that she sent it to him in 2011. In it, she appointed him administrator of her estate.

Words entailed in Anne Heche’s will with Tupper!

The email allegedly from Heche that Tupper presented as evidence stated, “My intentions are that all of my assets go to the control of Mr. James Tupper to be employed to raise my children and subsequently transferred to the children.”

Anne Heche image with her elder son Laffoon
Credit: Pagesix Anne Heche with her elder son Laffoon

“They will be evenly divided between our children. Homer Heche Laffoon and Atlas Heche-Tupper, and each will receive their share when they turn 25. Any property owned by the youngest child may be sold when they turn 25. If the proceeds split equally among the other children.

The paper states that Tupper felt Laffoon “was not qualified for appointment as personal representative of the Heche estate.” Furthermore, he said “someone with greater expertise and sophistication” should be in charge of the estate.

Why did Anne Heche get separated?

Heche and Tupper were separated at the time of her passing since he had left his studies at the university and wasn’t working to support himself. He was just 20 years old, unemployed, and had given up on supporting himself.

Anne Heche son’s Laffon’s intention regarding Atlas

Tupper also questioned Laffoon’s intentions regarding his younger sibling.

“Homer promised to go to bereavement therapy with Atlas, but when he didn’t show up, Atlas was left waiting. On August 25, 2022, he also promised to meet Atlas and Tupper at a restaurant, but again he failed to appear despite their waiting 1.5 hours for him.

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Given that Atlas, who is 13 years old, was present when his mother passed away and has frequently contacted Homer, in reality, Homer hasn’t seen or spoken to his brother since their mother passed away.

Anne Heche image with her sons Atlas(left) and Homer(right)
Credit: TMZ Anne Heche image with her sons Atlas(left) and Homer(right)

Tupper argues that while he isn’t opposed to managing the estate himself, hiring a competent, unbiased fiduciary to do so is his first preference. Despite Laffoon’s assertions to the contrary, Tupper’s petition said “there is no urgent necessity to appoint a special administrator at this time.” He said in his application that it was important to appoint an estate administrator because Heche’s memoir “Call Me Anne” had just been published. The book, which is scheduled to be released on January 24, is a sequel to Heche’s memoir “Call Me Crazy,” published in 2001, and it chronicles the actor’s ascent to prominence.

According to its Amazon listing It will discuss Heche’s early 2000s friendship with Ellen DeGeneres. It will depict her run-in with scandalized Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein, as well as her road toward self-acceptance.

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