First Vande Bharat Sleeper Train and Vande Metro To Be Introduced By Indian Railways; Everything You Need To Know

    The first Vande Bharat sleeper train will be introduced by Indian Railways soon. The General Manager of Integral Coach Factory (ICF), BG Mallya, disclosed that “the first train is under production and will be rolled out in March 2024” and that “Sleeper coach of Vande Bharat will be rolled out in the current financial year.”

    With the Vande Bharat sleeper trains, passengers will be able to travel vast distances on these high-speed trains overnight, which would constitute a substantial improvement to the Indian Railways fleet.

    Mallya added that the ICF is also building the Vande Metro. A 12-coach train called the Vande Metro will be utilized for local transportation. By January 2024, the train is predicted to be operational.

    First Vande Bharat Sleeper Train and Vande Metro To Be Introduced By Indian Railways; Everything You Need To Know, Axpert Media

    “Within this fiscal year, we’ll introduce the Vande sleeper version. The Vande Metro will also be introduced during this fiscal year. We’ll be deploying this non-AC push-pull train, which has 22 carriages and a locomotive, for passengers without air conditioning. And that rollout will take place prior to October 31,” Mallya stated.

    India’s semi-high-speed train, the Vande Bharat Express, operates in all of the nation’s rail-electrified states. With 50 current runs, the Vande Bharat Express has revolutionized rail travel by providing state-of-the-art amenities and reducing travel times for passengers.

    The first run of the Vande Bharat Express between New Delhi and Varanasi was announced by the prime minister on February 15, 2019. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai produces these trains.

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    Midway through 2017, the effort to produce domestic semi-high-speed train sets got underway, and ICF Chennai finished Train-18 in 18 months. In order to emphasize that it was manufactured in India, India’s first semi-high-speed train was dubbed Vande Bharat Express in January 2019. Between Kota and Sawai Madhopur, the train’s peak speed was 180 kph.

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