Leopard On Hunt In Bengaluru’s IT Corridor; Teams Assembled To Apprehend Huge Cat

    Bengaluru’s Electronic City, known as India’s information technology corridor and lately in the news for traffic congestion and flooding, has made headlines for another reason—a leopard that has been on the hunt for more than four days.

    The leopard sighting was made public last week as CCTV footage of the large animal roaming around the streets at night surfaced. Another video, which surfaced on Monday, showed the leopard in the parking lot of a residential complex.

    The forest department has issued a public warning not to go out at night and created three teams of ten people each. As a preventive step, cages have been installed in the area and physicians from the Bannerghatta Zoological Gardens have been recruited, according to Subhash K Malkhede, senior chief conservator of forests (wildlife) and chief wildlife warden of Karnataka. The forest officers have been issued tranquilizer rifles.

    Leopard On Hunt In Bengaluru’s IT Corridor; Teams Assembled To Apprehend Huge Cat, Axpert Media

    “As soon as we locate the leopard, we will take it back and tranquillize it if required,” he said.

    According to a forest officer, the leopard was observed near Singasandra in Electronic City, however the footage really showed a location near the Bannerghatta National Park.

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    “We’re also looking for the leopard and have asked the public and security staff at the apartments to spread the word.” “We’re keeping an eye out for stray dogs who might be hunted by the leopard,” stated the officer.

    Electronic City is home to several information technology and biotechnology companies, and the locals are terrified.

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