The former US president, Donald Trump might have persuaded Putin not to invade Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump stated on his social media site, Truth Social, that the Russia-Ukraine war might not have occurred if he were still in the White House. According to Trump, if he had restored to the Oval Office, his strong connection with Putin might have stopped the attack, and he would have resolved the crisis fast.

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This is not Trump’s first time making such claims. At a recent CPAC address, he claimed that his strong connection with Putin had stopped any new wars and that he was the sole president that hadn’t permitted Russia to take over the country during his presidency.

The subject of Russia showed up again during a telephone interview with Fox News, during which Trump asserted that the war with Ukraine wouldn’t have occurred had he been president. He added that he knew Putin well enough and that this would not have happened at all. He argued that while he considered people like Putin to be foes, he had to maintain them close to him.

According to a recent Harvard Institute for American Political Studies-Harris Survey research, 62% of those asked said that if Trump were still President, Putin would not have proceeded against Ukraine. This opinion was shared by 85% of Republicans and 38% of Democrats, respectively. But, according to 38% of all Americans questioned, Putin would have attacked Ukraine irrespective of the person in the White House.

Despite his positive connection with Putin, Trump admitted that he did not see him as a decent guy. He said that his friendship with Putin prevented new wars from breaking out and that he was the first president who did not allow Russia to conquer a country during his presidency.

It’s important to remember that Trump’s statements have been slammed. Numerous observers have noted that Trump’s past attempts at negotiation with Russia were unsuccessful, and his administration’s views towards Ukraine were, at best, vague. Others have seen Trump’s remarks as an attempt to transfer criticism for the invasion away from Russia and onto his replacement, Vice President Joe Biden.

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