Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium Released the first battery prototype design, Ease of Use and Accessibility

    The Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium is a collaboration of firms working to develop and standardize battery-swapping technology for electric two-wheelers for simplicity of use and accessibility. The SBMC has now released the first prototype of their battery design.

    Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium Released the first battery prototype design, Ease of Use and Accessibility, Axpert Media

    The SBMC was founded in 2021 by KTM, Honda, Yamaha, and the Piaggio Group. The Consortium now includes 32 motorcycle and component manufacturers, including Suzuki, Triumph, Kymco, CFMoto, Samsung, Keeway, and Kawasaki. As part of the refining and specification validation process, it created its first swappable battery prototypes in 2022.

    While the design of the prototype has been disclosed, the second round of prototyping is scheduled for 2024. The trial testing will thereafter take place “in collaboration with battery manufacturers, swapping station providers, and OEMs.” Along with exchanging technology, the SBMC is discussing cybersecurity and data protection. The standardized battery pack is expected to enter manufacturing over the next several years.

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