Viral Video, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Attacks Student With Shoe 

Iconic Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a Pakistani artist, has attempted to minimize a viral video in which he is shown brutally hitting a guy he claims is his student with his shoe. The video was shared by a user on X (previously Twitter).

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Credit: India Today

In the video, the popular Qawwali musician is seen slapping and beating the man while asking for a drink. “I have no idea,” the man says, begging with the singer.

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Another clip shows some people attempting to pull the Pakistani singer away from the student in order to save his life.

The individual was described as an employee of Pakistani broadcaster ”Samaa TV, who raised worry over the surge in aggressive conduct among musicians.

“Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a Pakistani singer, was caught abusing his servant.” Later, he explained,” the X user said in the caption.

Khan subsequently stated that it was a personal issue between a ustad (teacher) and his shagird (disciple). To defend his conduct, he shared a video on the microblogging site featuring the battered guy and his father. 

“This is a private affair between Shagird and Ustad. He’s like my child. This is how a mentor-follower relationship works. I express affection to a disciple anytime he does well. “He will face consequences if he commits a transgression,” the Pakistani singer stated in the video. 

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan stated he apologized to the man following the incident. The man who was abused also stated that he had misplaced a container of holy water. 

“There was no malice behind his conduct. He resembles my father. He has a lot of affection for us. “The man who is spreading this video is attempting to defame my university,” the student explained in the explanatory video. 

His father also emphasized the link between ustad and shagird in the art of Qawwali. 

Since the footage was uploaded, netizens have responded to it, criticizing Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the event. “Unfortunately, he is not to be punished. His money will cover everything. “What a shameful act,” one person said. 

“I feel sorry. This event took away a lot of lovely tunes. “It’s difficult to appreciate the art after seeing how ugly the artist is,” another person said. 

“They do not appreciate the art either. “Look a

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