Congres Reacts to Gehlot’s ‘Gaddar’ Remark for Pilot as ‘Unexpected, Surprising,’ Says Differences Will Be Resolved


    On Thursday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot referred to fellow Congres leader Sachin Pilot as a “gaddar” (traitor). A day later, the party expressed surprise at Gehlot’s choice of words for Pilot. His words came amid attempts by Pilot camp leaders to make him Rajasthan Chief Minister.

    Congress leader Jairam Ramesh called Gehlot’s views “unexpected” and “surprising” on Friday. “ Many Congress officials found Ashok Gehlot’s statements to be unexpected and startling. Congress is a family, and the leadership will consider a solution. The party requires both an experienced leader like Ashok Gehlot and a youthful leader like Sachin Pilot.”

    Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal stated that the Rajasthan Congress had no problems. “In Rajasthan, there is no conflict. “Bharat Jodo Yatra will demonstrate the power of the Rajasthan Congress,” he remarked.

    Earlier on Thursday, Ramesh had denounced CM Gehlot’s remark, saying that disagreements should be settled in a way that strengthens the Congress. “Ashok Gehlot is an experienced and senior political leader.” “Any disagreements he has with his younger colleague Sachin Pilot will be settled in a way that enhances the Congress,” he had stated.

    In an interview with NDTV on Thursday, Gehlot went on the offensive against Sachin Pilot and his camp’s efforts to depose him as CM. Gehlot rejected the demand, claiming that a “gaddar (traitor) cannot be chief minister.” He repeated his stance, saying the Congress High Command cannot appoint Sachin Pilot as Chief Minister, “a man who does not have ten MLAs and revolted against his own party.” “.


    Sachin Pilot responded shortly after Gehlot’s statements, stating, “This is not the time for accusation.” Nobody should be this self-conscious. Congress has lost battles twice under his leadership. Nothing lasts forever in politics, and we must all work together to defeat the BJP.”

    While Ashok Gehlot claimed that the BJP was plotting to depose him as CM in 2020, Pilot remarked, “Only the Congres can confront the BJP in the country.” Gujarat, where Ashok Gehlot is the chief minister, is holding elections. To beat the BJP, we must fight together.”


    Gehlot and Pilot have been at odds over the chief ministership since the Congres won the Rajasthan elections in 2018. However, the first obvious dissatisfaction surfaced in 2020, when attempts were made to depose Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. 19 Congress MLAs were taken to Manesar in 2020 to topple his government in the state.

    On Thursday, Gehlot hit back at the Pilot camp, and said that a conspiracy was hatched by the BJP, so that Sachin Pilot would replace him as CM. “Under a conspiracy by the BJP, 19 MLAs of the Congress were taken to Manesar by BJP. We had to pay for hotel stays for 34 days,” he said. Earlier, a minister from the Pilot camp had alleged that attempts were being made to defame Pilot.



    In September, approximately 92 legislators from the Gehlot camp attended a parallel meeting hosted by Shanti Dhariwal at his Jaipur residence and skipped the legislature party meeting convened to pass a resolution authorizing the Congress chief to appoint a successor to Gehlot, who had then announced his intention to run for Congress presidential election.

    The MLAs had objected to Gehlot’s arch-rival Sachin Pilot being elevated to the office of CM and asked that Gehlot’s successor be chosen from his camp. They also mentioned Pilot’s 2020 mutiny, stating the party owed it to people who supported it during that time of turmoil.

    Also Sachin Pilot says “There’s No Need For Lies,” in an NDTV interview with Ashok Gehlot.

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