MrBeast’s latest video shows him distributing hearing devices to 1,000 deaf individuals

    MrBeast’s latest video shows him distributing hearing devices to 1,000 deaf individuals, Axpert Media

    MrBeast has done it once more.

    MrBeast, the actual name Jimmy Donaldson, has helped 1,000 people hear using hearing devices, just months after restoring sight to 1,000 blind individuals.

    MrBeast has completed his latest spell of philanthropic work, which he said earlier in the week had taken more than “six months” to edit and will “change YouTube.”

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    MrBeast claims in the six-minute video that he and his team spent $3 million on cutting-edge technology to help the deaf people he features in the video, who come from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

    MrBeast not only provides hearing aids, but he also gives out a lot of money and a few extra items, such as a jet ski and Taylor Swift tickets.

    MrBeast’s initiative includes Mexico, South Africa, Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi, Indonesia, and India as well as the United States. His team will also give £100,000 to sign language services in the aforementioned nations, he said.

    Many people have praised Donaldson for his recent video and the great message he is attempting to communicate.

    One admirer commented in the comments, “Can we simply admire what he is doing I’m sure a lot of people would like to see a shift in the world but Jimmy truly gives it with huge respect”

    “I went from filming challenges outside your house with others from your circle to helping thousands of people all over the world,” added another. That is really fantastic!”

    “From the bottom of my heart,” a third said, “thank you for choosing to shine light in this world no matter what challenges come your way.”

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