Kangana Ranaut Refers to Them as “Terrorists” Who Feel Attacked by “The Kerala Story”

    The Kerala Story

    In a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut backed the filmmaker of ‘The Kerala Story’ and slammed people who oppose the film’s distribution. Sudipto Sen’s film will be released in theatres on May 5. Adah Sharma, Siddhi Idnani, Yogita Bihani, and Sonia Balani appear in it. The publication of the trailer for ‘The Kerala Story’ provoked significant criticism. The controversy grew so heated that some major lawmakers demanded that the video be banned. Kangana Ranaut remained committed to the project despite the storm. 

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    Kangana Ranaut was asked about the film and the controversy surrounding it being released when she arrived at ABP’s Majha Maha Katta event. Kangana made it quite clear that the film’s opponent is not the religious community as a whole, but rather a fringe minority. 

    The actress stated, “See, I have not seen the film, but a lot has been tried to ban it.” I read it today and, correct me if I’m wrong, but the High Court ruled that the picture could not be prohibited. I believe it just portrays ISIS in a negative manner. Do you agree?

    If the High Court, the country’s highest authority, says “so, they are correct. The Islamic State is a terrorist group. It’s not like I’m labeling them terrorists; our government, the Home Ministry (Ministry of Home Affairs), and other countries have.”

    Knagana said, “If aap aisa samjhte hai ki woh terrorists organisation nahi hai, toh zaheer si baat hai phir aap bhi terrorist hi hai.” If you believe ISIS is not a terrorist organization, you are a terrorist as well.

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