Lalbaugcha Raja 2022 LIVE : Watch First Glimpse of Lalbaug’s Raja

    Lalbaugcha Raja 2022 LIVE Darshan: Only few hours left for Ganesh Chaturthi. But even before that, the first darshan of the King of Lalbagh has been opened for the devotees through social media live.

    Lalbaugcha Raja: Mumbai: There is an atmosphere of excitement all over the state. Because the arrival of beloved Ganpati Bappa is just a few days away. Bappa’s arrival is being seen everywhere. The first glimpse of the famous Lalbaugcha Raja in Mumbai has been seen recently.

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    Lalbaughcha Raja: The First Glimpse Recently

    Ganapati Bappa fulfills all wishes. Vighnaharta bestows success, wisdom, sons, wealth and prosperity to his devotees. Therefore, Ganeshotsav has a unique significance in Maharashtra. Now only one day is left for the arrival of beloved Ganapati Bappa. On the other hand, the first glimpse of the well-known Raja of Lalbagh has been seen in Mumbai. Some time ago, the first glimpse of Raja of Lalbagh was seen through Facebook Live.

    Corona Restricted Celebrations Of Lalbaugcha Raja In Last Two Years

    For almost two years, the king of Lal Bagh has been sitting in his original form, i.e. in a magnificent and divine form. In 2020, the board did not celebrate Ganeshotsav due to the Corona crisis. In the year 2021, due to the restriction on the height of the idol, only 4 feet height idol was brought. Also, due to the prevalence of Corona, direct darshan was also closed.

    Old Days Traditions And Celebrations Are Back

    However, now that there is no crisis of Corona, Ganeshotsav is being celebrated with great enthusiasm. Therefore, Raja Mandal of Lalbagh has also made a 20 feet tall idol this year as per tradition. A replica of the Ram temple in Ayodhya has also been prepared for the king of Lalbagh.

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    Celebration Days And Crowd Gathering Issue

    Ganeshotsav, which starts from August 31, will conclude on September 9 with the immersion of Bappa. Meanwhile, the famous Lal Bagh in Mumbai is likely to witness a huge crowd this year. Because in the last two years, the devotees could not see the King. Therefore, the board is predicting a record breaking crowd this year.

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    Everyone Comes For Darshan Of Lalbaugcha Raja

    From common people to film industry actors come here with their families to have a darshan of the King of Lalbagh. Because the King of Lal Bagh is known as Ganesha who takes vows. Therefore, devotees from all over the country come to Mumbai to have darshan of the king. The statue of Raja of Lalbagh is 20 feet tall. In the year 1934, Ganpati Bappa was first enshrined in Lalbagh. Since then, the king of Lalbagh has been known as Ganapati who takes vows.

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