PM Modi Talks With Zelensky: As Putin escalates his nuclear rhetoric, PM Modi speaks with Zelensky of Ukraine

PM Modi Talks With Zelensky: The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement in which it stated that “Prime Minister [Narendra Modi] repeated his demand for an early end to hostilities and the need to pursue the road of negotiation and diplomacy.”

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PM Modi Talks With Zelensky

PM Modi talk to Ukrainian President Zelensky

New Delhi: In a phone call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed worries over the security of nuclear sites in the country’s war-torn east European region.

The two leaders spoke almost two weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization, calling up about three lakh reserve soldiers in a significant escalation of his tapering invasion of Ukraine, which he portrayed as a fight to the death with the US and its allies, particularly members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

PM Modi Talks With Zelensky: Stress On Swift Alternative Also In Talk

“The Prime Minister [Narendra Modi] reaffirmed the need for a swift end to hostilities as well as the necessity to continue along the path of negotiation and diplomacy. He emphasized his steadfast belief that there cannot be a military solution to the issue and underlined India’s willingness to support any efforts toward peace “Today, the Prime Minister’s Office released a statement.

Nuclear facility hazard in Ukraine “may have far-reaching and catastrophic effects for human health and the environment,” according to PM Modi. The most recent flare-up occurred when Mr. Putin, who had been in power for less than two weeks, declared that Russia would take “four new areas” from Ukraine and threatened to use nuclear weapons if necessary to ensure his country’s survival.

PM Modi Talks With Zelensky: India’s UN Policy Also In This

India treads a fine line. On September 30, a draft resolution that denounced Russia’s “illegal referenda”. And annexation of four Ukrainian areas was present to the UN Security Council. It was abstained from.

Additionally, India has been purchasing Russian oil, which alarmed the West. In a forceful August address, India’s foreign minister, S. Jaishankar, stressed that every nation will work to secure the best deal possible to offset rising oil costs.

Earlier, Mr. Jaishankar told reporters in Washington that the total amount of oil that India buys from Russia in a month is probably less than what Europe buys in a single day.

PM Modi Talks With Zelensky: Also Urge to end war

India has been urging an end to the seven-month conflict that Ukraine. Has been engage in, first defending itself from invading Russian forces and now going on the offensive after regaining control of many strategically important cities.

On Saturday, Mr. Zelensky vowed to recover more Russian-held territory in the country’s eastern Donbas region. “More Ukrainian flags have been flown in the Donbas throughout this week. In a week, there will even more “He stated last week in his evening speech.

He made his remarks after Kyiv declared that its troops had started entering the crucial eastern town of Lyman and after the Ukrainian Defense Ministry broadcast a video of soldiers there waving a yellow and blue Ukrainian flag.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, forces were “withdraw” from the town “to more advantageous lines.”

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