Jio 5G Launch: Tomorrow, Jio True 5G launches, with test services in these 4 cities.

    Jio 5G Launch: Customers who have been invited to test the 5G service from Jio don’t need to update their current Jio SIM or 5G mobile device since the service will be upgraded to Jio True 5G immediately.

    Jio 5G Launch

    In New Delhi: Reliance announced in a statement today that it will launch Jio True 5G in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi tomorrow in time for Dussehra. According to Jio, it’s an invitation-only service, and customers will receive limitless 5G internet at speeds of up to 1 gbps.

    Jio 5G Launch: According to Jio’s announcement, “The beta testing service for more cities will be release gradually.”

    The Mukesh Ambani-owned business stated that “Dussehra represents the conquest over barriers created by legacy technologies such as 2G, with knowledge and understanding that Jio True 5G will truly enable.”

    Jio 5G Launch: More than 425 million people utilise Jio.

    Customers who have been invited to test the 5G service won’t need to update their current Jio SIM card or 5G smartphone, according to Jio, since the service will be upgraded to Jio True 5G immediately.

    “To fully realize the promise of a Digital India, our Prime Minister [Narendra Modi] has issued a clarion call for a fast roll-out of 5G throughout India. In response, Jio has created the most ambitious and rapid 5G roll-out strategy ever for a nation of our size, “Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. Chairman Akash M. Ambani made the announcement.

    Jio 5G Launch: Goal of JIO

    With the goal of providing a better life for every Indian, Mr. Ambani added, Jio will improve skill development, education, healthcare, agriculture, and many other industries by adopting 5G.

    “5G cannot continue to be a privileged few or residents of our biggest cities only service. Every person, home, and also establishment in India must have access to it. Only then will we be able to significantly raise economic production, incomes, and living standards throughout the whole nation, resulting in a successful and inclusive society, “he added.

    Reliance A division of Jio Platforms Ltd. is Jio Infocomm Ltd.

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