Prateek and Zubair to receive Nobel Peace Prize?

Image of Prateek and Zubair
Credit: The Quint

Zubair and Prateek’s Alt News website fact-checks the false information that circulates on social media. There are several news circulating across web headed: Prateek and Zubair to receive Nobel Peace Prize? How much it’s true?

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Prateek & Zubair up for 2022 Nobel Peace prize?

Fact-checkers Prateek Sinha and Mohammad Zubair are up for the Nobel Peace Prize in this year’s competition. Time article made this assertion. In the Reuters survey, Zubair and Prateek are the front-runners among the candidates. On Friday, the Nobel Prize for this year will be awarded in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

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Image of Prateek and Zubair
Credit: Daily Sakshi

Mohammad Zubair and Prateek Sinha’s website “Alt News”, fact-checks allegedly false information, circulated on social media. Time magazine says, the list of award based on the nominations inherits Prateek and Zubair name. This fact were made known to the public by Norwegian legislators. Consequently, numerous groups condemned Zubair’s imprisonment, which was under international scrutiny.

How many competitors are up for Nobel price prize 2022?

A total of 343 contenders are competing for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. This includes 251 people and 92 organizations. The nominees’ names are not, however, made public by the Nobel Committee. This information wasn’t shared with media as well. Norwegian parliamentarians in a Reuters poll suggested some names. this names include Svyatlana Sichanovskaya, the head of the opposition in Belarus; David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Pope Francis, Simon Kofe, the foreign minister of Tuvalu, and the National Unity Government of Myanmar.

Everyone is aware, Mohammad Zubair’s imprisonment by Delhi Police in June of this year as a result of a tweet he sent in 2018. Delhi Police detained him for fostering hatred between various groups based on religion and acting with the intent to offend religious feelings. A social media user filed an FIR on this matter. However, after spending for over a month following his detention, Zubair received bail from the Supreme Court.

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