Ankita Murder Case: New theories for investigation after ankita and shahrukh photos

    Till now this case was being investigated from the angle of burning the girl student alive by a crazy young man who was madly in love. But now the pictures of Ankita and Shahrukh together have surfaced. That changed the direction of the investigation.

    Ankita Murder Case: The mystery of Dumka’s famous Ankita Murder case is getting complicated now. Some pictures of Ankita and Shah Rukh burning her alive have now surfaced. In which both are seen with each other. After these pictures surfaced, the direction of investigation of the case has now changed. It is known that till now this case was being investigated from the angle of burning the girl student alive by a crazy young man who was madly in love. But now after Ankita and Shahrukh photos surfaced. It is being said that both of them already had acquaintance and friendship.

    ankita and shahrukh photos
    Ankita Murder case: Ankita taking a selfie with Shahrukh picture goes viral

    Ankita and Shahrukh photo changed the investigation direction

    After the death of Ankita and the matter came to the national level, now three pictures of Ankita and Shahrukh together have come to the fore. In two pictures, Ankita is seen in a car with Shah Rukh. It is being told that the car in which Ankita is in belongs to Shahrukh. In the third, she is seen posing with Shahrukh at a picnic spot on the banks of a dam.
    Ankita’s family said – photo prepared with photoshop

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    Different theories erupt after ankita shahrukh selfie

    After these three pictures came to the fore, this matter has now become complicated. Apart from the theory of being burnt alive in unrequited love. It is now being said that there was a close relationship between the two. For some reason this gruesome incident was carried out after a quarrel between Ankita and Shahrukh. However, on these pictures surfaced, Vikas Kumar, a member of Ankita’s family, says that these pictures have been prepared from Photoshop.

    shahrukh and ankita photo goes viral
    Ankita Singh was set ablaze by Shahrukh on August 23. She later succumbed to her injuries.

    Going with someone else was not acceptable – Shahrukh

    Here, local people are talking about a close relationship between Ankita and Shahrukh. When Shahrukh was arrested by the police after burning Ankita alive, during the interrogation of the police, Shahrukh had said that he should not go with someone else, it was not acceptable to me. In such a situation, now this matter seems to be an affair other than one-sided love. Although it is too early to say anything officially yet. Due to the matter being discussed in the whole country, the police officers are also shying away from speaking anything openly.

    Ankita Murdercase is also being seen from a communal angle

    Let us tell you that earlier it was revealed that Shahrukh used to love Ankita unilaterally and when Ankita refused to marry him, he burnt her alive in anger. Later, on the report of the Child Commission, considering Ankita as a minor, sections of POCSO were also imposed on the accused Shahrukh in this case. Due to the fact that Ankita and Shahrukh belong to different religions, a communal angle is also being seen in it. The demand for Justice for Ankita is continuously rising on social media.

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