Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Kumar’s department changed

Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Kumar's department was changed by CM Nitish Kumar. He is in controversy since he became Minister, opposition was questioning government and demanding his removal.

Only after the formation of the Mahagathbandhan government in Bihar, Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Kumar was embroiled in controversies The opposition was continuously attacking. Meanwhile, the Nitish government has taken a big decision. Kartikeya Kumar has been removed from the post of Law Minister. Kartikeya Kumar has now been given the Sugarcane Industries Department.

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Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Kumar's department changed after getting embroiled in controversy
Credit: Hindustan

Karthikeya Singh’s Department Changed

On behalf of the opposition, questions started being raised on Nitish Kumar regarding zero tolerance. At the same time, the allied Left parties had demanded the withdrawal of the Law Department. After pressure, finally the Chief Minister has not removed Karthikeya Singh from the post of minister but has withdrawn the law department. In his place, he has been given the responsibility of Sugarcane Industries Department. Tejashwi Yadav had already said that Kartikeya Singh will not be removed from the post of Bihar Law Minister. The Nitish government has again given a chance to the opposition to attack the reshuffle that took place within a month.

Cases Registered In Various Police Stations

Actually, cases are registered against Minister Kartikeya Kumar in many police stations. Criminal cases are registered against him in Bihta including Mokama police station, Mokama rail station. However, he has not been convicted by the court in any case so far.

Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Kumar's department changed after getting embroiled in controversy
Credit: Hindustan

Court Warrant Against The Minister

Let us tell you that Rajiv Ranjan was kidnapped in 2014. After this the court took cognizance in this matter. Bihar minister Kartikeya Singh is also an accused in Rajiv Ranjan’s kidnapping case. A case is registered against him in Bihta police station. Against whom a warrant has been issued by the court. The name has come in the statement under section 164. Kartikeya Singh has neither surrendered before the court nor has he applied for bail.

On August 16, Kartikeya Kumar was to appear in the court, but he was taking oath as a minister. Meanwhile, a copy of the order of the Danapur court surfaced, in which the station in-charge of Mokama has been ordered not to take any coercive action against Kartikeya Singh till September 1. This order of the court is of August 12. On these allegations, the Law Minister’s side has also been kept by his lawyers by holding his press conference.

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What He Says On Himself And The Matter

“The allegations against me have not been proved yet. All the allegations are politically motivated. Whatever is lawful, it will happen. Anyway, all the information has been given in the election affidavit” – Kartikeya Singh, Minister, Government of Bihar

“On July 14, 2022, a warrant of arrest was issued on Kartikeya Singh, but according to the information available, the petition for anticipatory bail has been filed before the court on behalf of Kartikeya Singh. On which the order of the court was issued. According to what has been done, till now till the hearing on the bail plea is not completed, there is a stay on his arrest. The information that is coming now, if seen in that context, then it cannot be called absconding” – Ajay Pratap Sharma, Complainant Raju Singh’s lawyer

Bihar Law Minister Kartikeya Kumar's department changed after getting embroiled in controversy
Copy Of Orders: Government of Bihar


Anant Singh’s election strategist

Let us tell you that the supporters of Bahubali Anant Singh know Kartikeya Kumar as ‘Karthik Master’. After the Bihar assembly elections of 2005, the friendship between Kartikeya Master and Anant Singh had grown a lot. Kartikeya proved himself as Anant Singh’s election strategist. It is known that for Anant Singh, all the political maneuvers are handled by Anant Singh from behind the scenes with the help of Kartikeya. That is why he is the first choice of Anant Singh. He is the biggest believer. Before becoming active in politics, Kartikeya was a teacher in the school. Whereas Karthikeya’s wife Ranjana Kumari became the head for two consecutive terms.

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