Maaveeran Review: Action, Imagination, And Social Criticism On A Rollercoaster

‘Maaveeran,’ directed by Madonne Ashwin and starring Sivakarthikeyan and Mysskin, is a smart spin on superhero flicks. According to our evaluation, the social criticism, Sivakarthikeyan’s acting, and dialogues are significant pluses.

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Madonne Ashwin made his directorial debut with ‘Mandela,’ starring Yogi Babu. The movie is a political satire with an excellent storyline. His second picture, ‘Maaveeran,’ is made from the same fabric and stars Sivakarthikeyan, who is poised to become the next major star in Tamil cinema. Let’s see how the movie did.

The story of ‘Maaveeran’ begins with a comic strip series in which a hero (Maaveeran) saves a princess (Ilavarasi in Tamil) from a collapsing building. The one-liner in Madonne Ashwin’s film is just that. Sathya (Sivakarthikeyan) is a slum-dwelling comic strip artist. Jayakodi (Mysskin), the local body minister, built a housing board and forced the slum dwellers to migrate. However, the flat is badly built, breaking every law in the book.

Maaveeran review

Meanwhile, Sathya is involved in an accident and has hallucinations. How can Sathya, a coward who refuses to tackle any challenge in life, assist the people and himself?

Madonne Ashwin is a contemporary solid filmmaker. In fact, ‘Maaveeran’ is probably one of the greatest pictures released this year. ‘Maaveeran’ is a phrase used to describe someone who emerges as a popular hero. Now, this is a done-to-death narrative, but Ashwin’s approach to this screenplay is superb. The film’s high points occur at regular intervals, keeping you hooked to your seat.

It’s also refreshing to have the hero play a coward rather than a man with superhero abilities. And who better to play the character casually than Sivakarthikeyan? Sathya is faulty in every manner imaginable. His mother (Saritha) is brave, but he advises her to adapt rather than rebel. All he wants is for his mother and sister to live peacefully and without conflict. But what if your regular existence is a struggle?

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Consider the scene in which the housing board engineer misbehaves with Sathya’s sister (Monisha) in their home. As a brother, Sathya is enraged, but when he attempts to face him, he is concerned about what would happen if he is not present. Then his terror took control. The complexities of Sivakarthikeyan’s persona make the part more interesting.

Madonne Ashwin’s strength is his ability to combine social insight with comedy. It worked best in ‘Maaveeran,’ courtesy of Sivakarthikeyan and Yogi Babu’s rousing performances that had you in splits.

Here’s the trailer:

Maaveeran’s last act may be a tad conventional, with typical heroic themes. However, the eventual payout works to a greater extent.

As a feared comic artist, Sivakarthikeyan excels in this position. You cheer for him throughout, whether it’s because of the hilarity or because he goes through the transition. Before the film’s release, the producers disclosed that Vijay Sethupathi provided voice-over work. After hearing the voice in his thoughts, Sivakarthikeyan’s Sathya reacts in real life. And Ashwin’s use of voice-over adds a fresh layer to the commercial entertainment.

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