Baby 2023 Movie: A Morally Ambiguous Drama That Relies On Its Characters’ Shortcomings

Baby has generated a lot of hype thanks to its chart-topping singles. The film is directed by Sai Rajesh and stars Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin in prominent roles. The film was released today, so we’ll see how it goes.

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Vaishnavi (Vaishnavi Chaitanya) and Anand (Anand Deverakonda) are slum lovebirds in high school. Anand does not attend college and instead works as an auto driver, whilst Vaishnavi enrolls. Vaishnavi has a major metamorphosis during which she becomes close to Viraj (Viraj Ashwin). Vaishnavi and Anand’s relationship begins to deteriorate gradually. An unforeseen occurrence occurs, altering the lives of Viraj, Anand, and Vaishnavi as a whole. What occurred after that? What impact did the incident have on the three? This is an important component of the plot.

Plus Points:

Baby is a contemporary perspective on relationships, and filmmaker Sai Rajesh illuminates the subject via three brilliantly written characters who are all unique in their own way. Because of the great scripting, one would wind up appreciating all three primary characters by the end of the film. The scenario in which Viraj and Anand first meet is the most memorable.

The second half of the film is rather strong, with a decent balance of drama, emotions, and emotional scenes. Baby got even more engrossing as a result of the amazing conversations that would resonate with the target consumers. There are several whistle-worthy moments, and many scenarios are relatable to young people. A couple of sequences are purposefully intended to wow the kids, and they work effectively.


Anand Deverakonda’s outstanding performance astounded everyone. We get to see the actor in Anand via Baby, and the director has used him to his maximum capacity. It’s a difficult job, especially for a new artist, but Anand nailed it with his sincere portrayal.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya shines in this love drama, and her performance speaks much about her skill. Her character arc is really nicely conceived. Vaishnavi also delivered in the emotional parts. Her phone talk with Anand Deverakonda was fantastic. Viraj Ashwin is given a decent part and delivers flawlessly. This is possibly Viraj’s greatest performance to yet, and he nailed it.

Baby is what happens when a good album of romantic dramas is released. Every song written by music composer Vijay Bulganin is excellent, and the powerful background soundtrack adds to the intensity in several situations.

Minus Points:

The film is fairly long, clocking up at about three hours. For a better experience, the creators may have cut a few moments, particularly in the early half. The film’s modern nature may offend some viewers.

The first hour is slow-paced, but the film picks up steam after the intermission. There are some nice scenes and exchanges, but they are few and far between. The pace mitigates the impact to some extent. The early part of the film feels a little rushed at points.

Technical Aspects:

As previously said, Vijay’s music is a significant asset for Baby, elevating the film to a whole new level. Balreddy’s cinematography is superb, and the sights are pleasing to the eye. The songs, in particular, are shot in an artistic style. The editing in the first half is clumsy, but it improves in the second hour. The production values are excellent.

Sai Rajesh, the writer and director, did an excellent job with Baby. While the first hour was not very strong, he more than makes up for it in the second half, which is a mix of dramatic emotional passages and terrific conversation. Sai Rajesh got the most out of his performers and made excellent use of the music. His dialogues are great and have a lot of depth to them. The film’s spectrum would have expanded even further if the first half had been a little racier.


Overall, Baby throws light on modern-day relationships in an interesting way, and the finale is unexpected. Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin provide outstanding performances. The second half has the correct heart, but the effect is little diminished by the slow-paced first half, which may have been better. Furthermore, the creators may have considered the extended duration. Nonetheless, Baby is a nice weekend viewing. Take the plunge.

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