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    Rumors that Jennie Kim is leaving BLACKPINK have been circulating online in recent days, mainly on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

    Several users on the platform have stated that Jennie’s contract with YG Entertainment would be terminated shortly, with one user writing, “Based on the latest trustworthy source, Jennie is going to end her contract with YG Entertainment after the Encore concerts.”


    Additional messages began to appear, causing the story to spread on the site, with admirers claiming that Jennie’s recent stage performances were not up to pace with her regular appearances. The rumors began not long after Jennie made her acting debut in HBO’s The Idol, as well as releasing her first Calvin Klein line and possibly joining the MCU, and most recently: appearing on an episode of Dua Lipa’s podcast. As a result, it wouldn’t be strange to see Jennie go her own way, especially because Weibo implies that other members of the group may be doing the same.

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    Another post stated, “Blackpink Jennie’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment will not be renewed.” The firm is still in talks with Lisa, but she intends to quit. Rose has officially signed with Black Label. Jisoo will either stay with YG Entertainment or join Black Label.”

    Users speculated that the announcement might come after BLACKPINK’s Encore performances concluded, which would bring us to their final gig in Los Angeles on August 26. Stay tuned for additional information.

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