Made-In-India Smartphones For Whole World Coming Soon

    “We are proud that soon the entire world will be using made-in-India phones,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2023 opening ceremony. He also stated that India used to import cell phones until a few years ago. However, as of 2023, the country not only manufactures the bulk of phones in-house, including luxury smartphones like as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the iPhone 15 series, but also exports a significant quantity to worldwide markets. He went on to say that India is now the world’s second-largest mobile maker. In addition, the prime minister restated Google’s commitment to produce the Pixel 8 series in India by 2024.

    Modi also emphasized the need of robust semiconductor production in India, which he believes would eventually enable the nation lead the global manufacturing industry. He also reiterated India’s Rs 80,000 crore PLI plan, which encourages OEMs to join the Make in India drive.

    India will be the world leader in 6G.

    In addition, in keeping with the overarching subject of the India Mobile Congress, connection, the prime minister launched 100 5G laboratories across the country’s colleges and educational institutions. Modi also stated that the world is in awe of India’s 5G deployment pace. In just one year after the 5G debut, there are over 400,000 base stations, covering 80% of the population and supporting 97% of users. He also stated that India will lead the globe in 6G deployment.

    Made-In-India Smartphones For Whole World Coming Soon, Axpert Media

    Modi claimed that the average broadband speed has tripled since the 5G deployment began in 2022. He also stated that India is presently in the 40s in terms of global internet speed, down from 118th spot.

    PM Modi on cybersecurity

    Prime Minister Modi also addressed the issue of cybersecurity, emphasizing that significant debates about network infrastructure security and cybersecurity had taken place even during G20 meetings. He emphasized the need of self-reliance (Atmanirbharta) in improving cybersecurity and protecting network infrastructure. He also emphasized the significance of communication in developing measures for defending networks from cyber attacks.

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    Potential for thinking leadership in India

    Prime Minister Modi spoke on India’s potential for intellectual leadership, admitting that the country had previously lost opportunities for technical innovation. However, he stated that the moment has come for India to assume the position of thinking leader. Through UPI and initiatives like as CoWIN, India has already established thought leadership in digital payments. India, with its young population and active democracy, offers the characteristics required to position itself as a thinking leader.

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