Shikhar Dhawan Gets Divorced From His Wife Aesha Mukerji For Cruelty

    Shikhar Dhawan received a divorce on Wednesday by a Delhi court due to mistreatment by his wife, Aesha Mukerji.

    According to the court ruling, Aesha caused Dhawan emotional anguish by forcing him to live apart from his sole son for years.

    Judge Harish Kumar of a Delhi family court approved all of the sportsman’s claims against his wife in his divorce petition because she either did not dispute or failed to defend herself.

    However, the court refused to grant the couple’s son permanent custody.

    The judge granted Dhawan permission to visit his kid in India and Australia for an appropriate period of time.

    Dhawan was also allowed to talk to his son via video call.

    “Since the petitioner is a recognized International Cricketer and has been a pride of the nation, resulting in the petitioner approaching the Union Government of India, it is asked to bring up the issue of visitation/custody of the minor son with its counterpart in Australia to help him have typical visitation or chatting with his own son or his permanent custody,” the court stated in its decision.

    Shikhar Dhawan Gets Divorced From His Wife Aesha Mukerji For Cruelty, Axpert Media

    “He (Dhawan) had been through immense agony and anguish of living apart from his own son for years through no fault of his own.” Despite the fact that the wife denied the charge, claiming that “she genuinely was interested in residing in India with him, but due to her commitment to her daughters from her first marriage, requiring her to stay in Australia, she could not come to live in India and that he was fully aware of her commitment, yet she chose not to challenge the claim,” the judge stated in the order.

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    Since Dhawan’s testimony was unchallenged, the “Hence, it stands showed that the wife backtracked from her promise of setting up matrimonial home in India after marriage which consequently made him suffer a long distance marriage and suffer enormous agony and anguish of living separately from his own son for years.”

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