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What is an InMail message on LinkedIn?


You may send a LinkedIn message to ANYONE on LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn Premium function known as a LinkedIn InMail. Typically, your recipient will be a stranger to you, such as a business decision-maker in B2B sales. Or, as a job seeker, you might get in touch with recruiters to express your interest in certain positions.

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The quantity of InMails granted per month depends on the subscription plan and is part of the Premium suite of products that LinkedIn offers paid members. This indicates that if the recipient is significant to you, you should only send an InMail to them. In other words, sending a lot of InMails randomly would be too expensive. Even worse, it will result in you running out of allowance right when you need it.

If your InMail message is answered within 90 days by the recipient, LinkedIn is kind enough to give you an InMail credit. LinkedIn takes great pride in the efficiency of LinkedIn InMails, which may be one explanation for this. Additionally, it means that sending an InMail is relatively low risk as long as you properly select your receivers.

There is a good possibility that your recipient will at least open it even if they don’t respond. In actuality, clickthrough rates above 5% and open rates of over 85% have been recorded. This leads us to the conclusion that even if the interaction ends there will likely be a sales impression made.

What distinguishes LinkedIn’s InMail from messages?

Normally, you can’t message someone on LinkedIn unless you are connected to them or in the same LinkedIn Group. This lessens the amount of spam that is available while also preserving people’s privacy. There are instances where LinkedIn Premium members will grant free message access to others. This functionality may be useful to sales professionals as well as recruiters.

The recipient of an InMail will be made aware of it as soon as it is sent. LinkedIn InMail communications are unmistakably identified as such, letting you know that they were purchased for you rather than being sent to you naturally by a connection. This might persuade recipients to open it because they are assured it is not spam. On the other side, they will be aware of the sender’s motivation.

What constitutes effective LinkedIn InMail?

You should first be aware that there are length restrictions. The subject line and body of an InMail message can each contain 200 and 2000 characters, respectively. 2000 characters is not a lot when messaging a friend. However, if you’re communicating a business message, this is sufficient. In addition, you probably don’t want to create a lengthy sales letter in the first place.

Format Fundamentals

Second, the subject line is where an effective InMail starts. The subject line in this instance shouldn’t be uninteresting. Pick a design that stands out while being professional. What would motivate the receiver to open the LinkedIn Inmail, if you were in their position? Most likely, it is the feeling that the InMail includes something important. This is supported by data, which shows that up to 35% of receivers will only read it if the subject line is relevant.

Third, make sure to prove the significance of what you have to say. However, you are not required to use the entire text count. In general, keep everything succinct and direct. Shorter InMails perform noticeably better than longer ones, according to LinkedIn. Professionals are time-constrained, so they will rapidly determine whether a service or product advertised is pertinent to them. Additionally, LinkedIn InMails under 100 words have been found to be 50% more likely to receive a response than their longer counterparts.

The purpose of sending a LinkedIn InMail is to personalize the email, thus you MUST do this! Even a tailored subject line can boost open rates by up to 26%. Consider this: a communication without personalisation will appear far more like spam.

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