A Strange Diet Helps An American Man Lose Weight By Eating McDonald’s Food For 100 Days

    A 57-year-old American grandfather embarked on an unconventional weight-loss adventure, eating just McDonald’s meals, and lost 26 kg in three months. Discover how.

    A 57-year-old American grandfather went on an unconventional weight-loss adventure and lost 26 kg in three months by eating solely McDonald’s meals. Kevin Manginnis, a Nashville native, weighed 108 kg at the outset of his belly fat challenge, but he committed to overall health and fitness in an uncommon style and with an atypical diet. He only ate fries and burgers from the same fast-food restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 100 days.

    Maginnis attributes his accomplishment to eating only half of the food offered at each meal and drinking water instead of soda. “Hey, don’t be bitter while I’m eating my apple fritter and losing weight,” Maginnis told NBC on the last day of his diet. “I was eating so little that I was always hungry by the time the next meal came around,” Maginnis explained.

    American Man Lose Weight

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    Maginnis claims that the diet has enabled him both physically and mentally, as his vital indicators have returned to normal. His triglycerides were 205 points lower and his cholesterol was 65 points lower, he stated, indicating that his heart health was at its peak. “I was pre-diabetic prior to, but I’m down into healthy ranges now,” he explained in the interview.

    Maginnis chronicled his weight loss journey on social media, posting multiple videos in which he highlighted the consequences of such diets for people and how everyone’s bodies react to food differently.

    The grandfather admitted to a lack of nourishment in his diet but maintained that he had concentrated on fighting obesity. “Are macronutrients or micronutrients better for brain health?”

    “Indeed, if you want to get out of obesity, you should reduce the size of your meals,” he said. He stated that his family and grandchildren were the most significant motivators for him to lose weight. Maginnis claims he convinced his wife to adopt the same diet and that she lost 8 kg in 65 days.

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