‘Ahimsa’ Movie Review: Same Old Revenge Drama


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Raghu (Abhiram) and Ahalya (Geetika) are cousins who hold opposing views. Raghu is a nonviolent believer, whereas Ahalya is a violent believer. Ahalya is hospitalized after being raped by a couple of wealthy men. Raghu seeks justice in court but finds that everyone is against him. What happens next? Did he resort to violence to obtain justice? What did the perpetrators do next? The film contains all of the answers.

Plus Points

Abhiram Daggubati, the son of Daggubati Suresh Babu and Rana Daggubati, makes a strong start. His portrayal of an innocent young man is notable, and he has a bright future as an actor.

With this film, Geethika Tiwary makes her Telugu debut. She looks lovely, and her performance as a hyperactive girl, especially in the first half, is good. Her scenes with Abhiram are entertaining.

Sada’s character, Lawyer Lakshmi, is the next to be acclaimed. Despite having less screen time, she outperforms several other characters. Ravi Kale, Kalpalatha, Devi Prasad, and others all play their parts well.

A couple of tracks by RP Patnaik are worth listening to. The first half’s court settings and proceedings are excellently portrayed. The cinematography of Sameer Reddy improves the visual quality of the film.

Ahimsa movie review

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Minus Points

Abhiram creates a good first impression, but he needs to develop. Hopefully, he will do so in one of his next films.

The plot is not new to viewers. Director Teja handles the film well in the first half, with a good storyline, but falls short in the second half. The film’s fate might have differed if he had focused more on the story and screenplay in the second half.

The picture includes many characters, but the filmmaker does not fully utilize them. Dhanalaxmi Dushyanth Rao, performed by Rajat Bedi, might have been established as a more evil character.

Some of the scenes in both parts are ridiculous. When the plot is getting serious, Teja injects some comedic parts and a particular song to lighten the mood of the audience.

Anup Rubens’ background score needs to be higher in the second half. The picture would have fared better if he had given it a higher rating.

Technical Aspects

Once again, director Teja fails to deliver a smash. He keeps to his old writings, and Ahimsa has shades of his old films. He could have written a stronger story and script to make Ahimsa a great film.

The music is fine, but the background score is poor. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is good, and some of the broad images are spectacular. The editing should have been better, and Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao should have cut out many needless passages in both halves. The production values are high, and you can see them on the enormous displays.


Overall, Ahimsa falls short due to its lacklustre presentation. Abhiram Daggubati does well in his debut role, and several first-half passages are good. Ahimsa, on the other hand, would have been a stronger film if it had a more stunning story and an engaging screenplay.

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