BGMI is now available for download on Android mobile devices, however, Krafton confirms that servers have yet to go live, so there will be no gameplay for the time being

BGMI is now available for download android

Krafton, the inventor of BGMI, certifies that the link is operational for individuals who choose the test track. According to a KRAFTON official statement, “the closed test track for BGMI is currently being updated.” Those who opted in for a public test of the game prior to its release should get an email with a link to the Play Store where they may download the game. However, the link is no longer active, and the game cannot be downloaded because the servers have been shut down. We also realize that some people who did not participate in the closed test are receiving this message. This is a technical mistake that we are attempting to correct.”

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Last week, it was revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) would relaunch in India. After nearly a year, Krafton stated that their popular battle royale will be unbanned in India. The administration has set a few criteria and conditions for BGMI’s readmission. Following the lifting of the prohibition, Indian government officials will monitor the developers’ compliance with the legislation for three months. BGMI appears to be available for download on the Google Play Store just a few days after its debut.

Some people are able to find BGMI on the Google Play Store. However, the servers in India have yet to go up. The earlier version of the game appears to have been posted on the Play Store as Krafton prepares to upgrade the app with the most up-to-date features that conform with local legislation.

This week, BGMI will most likely be accessible for download. Krafton confirmed the reopening but provided no information on the download or availability. It appears that the creators are working on whitelisting the app on the Play Store and that the previous version may have gone live by accident prior to its official release. 

The listing is only visible to a subset of Google Play Store users. However, the link does not appear to be working for everyone. Even those who have downloaded and installed BGMI on their Android devices are unable to play the game since the servers have not yet been activated. As a result, if you are unable to download BGMI on your Android smartphone, you are unlikely to miss out on any activity.

Because it is easier to get an app on the Android app market than on the iOS app store, the creators will most likely make the game accessible on Google Play. Apple has a stricter procedure in which it examines each program to verify that it adheres to the privacy and security requirements necessary for program Store listing.

Krafton is anticipated to release formal information on the comeback soon. The creators have not confirmed BGMI’s official release date at the time of writing. At the time of the announcement last week, it was discovered that BGMI servers were being upgraded, and users accessing the game received a notification about this. “Greetings, BGMI Fan! BGMI servers will be unavailable for a short period of time in order to create a better and larger experience. While we try to provide you with a smooth experience, your account will be protected and your progress will be saved. “We will keep you updated on additional developments and the release date via our social media platforms,” stated the invitation. 

Before making the app publicly accessible in India, Krafton is believed to make certain in-game adjustments. According to reports, the battle royale will have a new in-game meter to help players keep track of their gaming sessions and health. The game is also supposed to modify the default hue of blood from red to green or blue. More information on the subject should be available shortly.

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