Boxing Day Test: Why Match Beginning Today Named The Boxing Day Test?

The two-match Test series between India and South Africa will begin on Tuesday, December 26th. The first game will take place in Centurion. At the same time, the test match between Australia and Pakistan begins today in Melbourne. Both test matches, which begin on December 26th, are dubbed the Boxing Day Test. However, we shall reveal the truth behind this name. We’ll explain why the Boxing Day Test begins on the 26th of December.

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In 1950, the first Boxing Day Test was held.

In 1950, the first Boxing Day Test was held. Every Boxing Day Test in Australia, England, New Zealand, and South Africa begins on December 26. So far, India has played 15 such tests. This Boxing Day Test has nothing to do with boxing or any other sport. In fact, the day after Christmas (December 25th) is recognized as Boxing Day in many nations.

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There are several stories regarding this day in various countries throughout the world. Many nations associate it with the Christmas box, while others associate it with the boxes given as gifts to the impoverished in churches on festival days. In cricket, the term ‘Boxing Day Test’ was first used in 1892.

Why is Boxing Day celebrated? (In the first version, the box is stored in the church throughout the Christmas season.)

The first narrative related to Boxing Day is that throughout the Christmas season, a box is stored in the church. People who attend church place donations in this box for the poor and needy. The box is opened the day after Christmas, and the goods received as gifts are handed to the impoverished. Christian couples are also married in churches. Wedding presents are preserved in a box, which is traditionally opened on December 26th.

Why is Boxing Day celebrated? (Second story- A day to honor those who work hard)

Actually, there is an intriguing backstory to Boxing Day. Boxing Day was called after individuals who worked on Christmas Day without having a day off. On this day, his effort is recognized. Boxing Day refers to the ethos of working without taking time off. Cricketers also play matches throughout the festival without remaining at home, therefore the connection between Boxing Day and the matches was also established.

Why is Boxing Day celebrated? (Story 3: The Christmas Box)

Boxing Day is the day following Christmas Day (December 26) in the Western Christian calendar. It is also known as St. Stephen’s Day in various places, including Ireland and Spain. This is because, on the day after Christmas, people exchange Christmas (present) boxes. Boxing Day is the first day of the week after the Christmas holiday, according to the Oxford Dictionary. Many individuals return to work after the holidays, and their managers give them boxes as Christmas gifts. That is why this day is known as Boxing Day.

When did the term ‘Boxing Day’ come to be connected with cricket?

Boxing Day is thought to have joined cricket around 1892. During Christmas that year, a Sheffield Shield match was played at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground between Victoria and New South Wales. After that, matchups between the two teams became an annual ritual throughout the Christmas season. Every match absolutely featured Boxing Day. However, the match did not have to begin on December 26.

In the 1950-51 Ashes series, the first International Boxing Day Test match was played. The contest between Australia and England began on December 22nd and concluded on Boxing Day. Between 1953 and 1967, no matches were played on Boxing Day (December 26th). The third match of the 1974-75 Ashes series began on Boxing Day (26 December) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This is when the Boxing Day Test began.

India played how many Boxing Day Tests?

All Boxing Day Test matches in Australia are held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. So far, India has played Boxing Day Tests against Australia, the West Indies, South Africa, and New Zealand. So far, India has played 15 Boxing Day Tests. The squad has won four of them. He drew two and lost nine.

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