BTS declares hiatus as the band wants to concentrate on solo projects

The members promised fans that they are taking only some time apart, and just not disbanding. 

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  • BTS is taking a hiatus from collective activities. 
  • The members will focus on their individual careers from now. 
  • They confident ARMYs they’re absolutely not disbanding. 

Insiders say BTS will announce their plans for obligatory enlistment by the subsequent week. 

K-pop band BTS has formally announced a hiatus as a group during their FESTA dinner that premiered on YouTube. Shocking the whole world on Tuesday, BTS announced that they’ll now be starting 2nd chapter of their journey and concentrate more on solo projects, as they find out themselves as artists. 

An emotional Bantam additionally reiterated that they’re taking this time aside to return back stronger. Rapper Sugar clarified, “BTS is not disbanding.” On June 14, the band launched a brand new BTS Dinner Party video through its official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV’ to rejoice in their ninth anniversary and look back on their journey leading up to the latest anthology album Proof. 

In the video, BTS opened their hearts and spoke their emotions and thoughts on the problems and changes they went through amid the pandemic. The members additionally frankly confessed that they confronted challenges in the creative field as artists after actively working over the last 9 years. 

Members stated future plans to boost up personal growth and embark on “BTS’ chapter 2.”

 In this new chapter, the band will permit themselves to express their individuality with the release of solo albums and collaborations with different artists. j-wish marks the start of his upcoming solo album and in addition information may be shared in due course. RM, the leader of BTS, overtly talked about the conflict with BTS’ identity. 

He said, “Up until ‘ON’ and ‘Dynamite,’ I felt just like the organization BTS turned into inside my hands. But as we did ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance,’ I didn’t really know what kind of group we were anymore.” He in addition explained, “There’s no time for me to grow. Not just in terms of my skills, but as a human. I’m a very different person from who I was 10 years ago, and I need time to think and be on my own, so those thoughts can mature into something uniquely mine.” 

BTS plan to start the tenth year as a group by releasing solo work and collaborations with numerous artists. SUGA kicked off this year together along with his collaboration with PSY on ‘That That’. 

With the professional announcement, J-Hope will start solo sports with a potential new album and his performance at Lollapalooza in July. Following this, BTS’ V may be seen in a variety show with his actor and music friends – a spin-off of In The SOOP. RM, Jin, SUGA, Jimin, and Jungkook additionally plan to launch solo work as well.

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