Crew movie review 2024: Airline heist movie with pinch of comedy!

Crew movie review: Kriti Sanon keeps up with Tabu and Kareena Kapoor Khan, who effortlessly walk the fine line between need and greed, while Tabu is outrageous in her elder woman persona.

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Story At Glance

It centers on three Kohinoor Airlines employees: senior flight attendant Jasmine Rana, junior flight attendant Divya Bajwa, and in-flight supervisor Geeta Sethi. The story is set in the context of the aviation business.

Professionally speaking, the airline firm they work for is going through a difficult period of bankruptcy, and for the past six months, the trio and their peers have not received their salaries. Because Geeta, Jasmine, and Divya are always searching for a better life, they are enticed to steal the gold slabs from their boss when he unexpectedly passes away on the Airbus.

They quickly find out that he and HR chief Mittal would smuggle gold into Dubai in order to make money. After much deliberation, they choose to begin working for Mittal. With that said, they hope to escape their mediocre existence in terms of money. However, as fate would have it, sub-inspector Mala discovers that something is off, and chaos ensues.

It has a fresh plot at first. There was so much that could have been done to make this movie groundbreaking. However, the screenplay has far too many holes in it. Even at two hours and four minutes, the crew still looks quite lengthy. You get the impression that you’re trapped on a monorail with nowhere to escape, as the story hardly moves at all.

What appears so new and enticing at first quickly goes flat like a wet firecracker. It wrenches your heart, too, when top actors like Tabu and Kareena Kapoor Khan collaborate on a film.

Cast Performances

An image from the movie that showcases all the three lead actresses: Tabu(on left), Kareena (in middle) and Kriti (right).

The film is hilarious, erotic, and honest without being excessively sentimental or judgmental. The crew is driven by a fantastic trio of actresses. They show genuine satisfaction at being given roles that play to their abilities.

Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon are all quite watchable, both individually and together. They have such strong connection that they can sell ridiculous, hardly achievable plan to give Vijay Walia what he deserves.

Given the trio’s combined output, it’s surprising that anyone else is noticed in the film – but they are. Buddy comedies are frequently dominated by men, with female characters receiving limited screen time. Crew proves differently, distributing the spoils equally among its female leads while saving a little extra for its male characters.

Diljit Dosanjh as Divya’s hot date, Kapil Sharma as Geeta’s supporting husband Arun, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Jasmine’s adoring grandfather all had notable cameo roles. Charu Shankar has an exciting role as a former stewardess.

Parts of the 125-minute film’s zingers and humorous sequences just fly by. The crew, after capturing our attention through its casting is occasionally too eager to arrive at its destination. However, Krishnan assures that his heroines – brilliant without being arrogant, self-centered but compassionate. Lastly, looking out for one another as women do – will not be forgotten quickly.

Crew Movie Review Final Verdict

It’s possible that the crew still needs to arrive at its target of what it had been released for. Indeed, it is not the best work that Kriti, Tabu, or Kareena have done. Still, it’s a fantastic attempt at being general.

Give it a try because it highlights the strong bonds between women. In spite of their ups and downs, passionately love, defend, and support one another. These are the kinds of topics we only see in movies occasionally. Furthermore, would you really want to pass up the opportunity to see Kareena at her finest and embrace the Bebo that made us all fall in love in the 2000s?

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