Delhi Shahbad Dairy Murder: Accused Sahil Bought The Knife From The Weekly Market 15 Days Ago

    If the murder at the Shahbad Dairy was a “crime of passion” or the result of an unexpected provocation, Delhi Police is looking into it.

    The murder of a 16-year-old girl in Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy neighborhood may have been premeditated, according to Delhi Police officials, who noted that the 20-year-old accused had bought the knife used in the killing a fortnight earlier.

    According to police sources, Sahil admitted to purchasing the murder weapon from a weekly market roughly 15 days prior to being questioned. Police are looking into the incident, according to the sources, but the accused hasn’t revealed where he bought the knife.

    Delhi Shahbad Dairy Murder

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    According to the sources, police are also looking into whether or not the murder was committed as a “crime of passion” or in response to an unexpected provocation.

    After leaving the city, Sahil turned off his phone.

    After the murder, according to sources, Sahil left the city and turned off his phone. After transferring to two buses, he arrived at Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. Sahil was brought before the court today and placed on two days of police detention after being detained by Delhi Police on Monday in Bulandshahr. The police report claims that after carrying out the crime, Sahil ditched his gun at Rithala before escaping to Bulandshahr. 

    The Accused Is Given A Two-Day Police Detention

    Tuesday, the Rohini Court in Delhi sentenced Sahil, the suspect in the terrible killing of a young child in the Shahbad Dairy neighborhood of the capital, to two days in police detention. Sahil appeared before Duty Magistrates early on Tuesday morning, according to reports, for security concerns. After hearing the Delhi Police’s arguments, the on-duty Metropolitan Magistrate Jyoti Nain granted a two-day remand.

    Sahil was sought for remand by Delhi Police due to the constant shifting of his stories, which needed to be validated, and the fact that the murder weapon had not yet been found.

    Murderous Crime Captured On Camera

    Sahil is allegedly seen repeatedly stabbing the girl with a knife in a CCTV clip of the incident. She sank to the ground, but he kept stabbing her. He kicked her before hitting her in the head with a nearby concrete slab. The video shows people passing by without getting involved as the events played out. A dog is seen approaching the area at one point.

    About 10 minutes after the occurrence, the police arrived at the crime scene when the neighborhood beat officer was told of it by the residents. The victim did not have a cell phone at the time of the event, according to a preliminary police inquiry. 

    According to the authorities, the culprit was dating the child, but following a fight on Sunday night, he repeatedly beat her to death. According to the police, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed in the case at Shahbad Dairy Police Station under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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