Do You Know About This New Whatsapp Feature?

WhatsApp releases a slew of new features on a weekly basis. That’s typically a good thing because it signifies the messenger has the most recent features. However, because there are so many new features being introduced to the platform, you may miss out on many of them. We just discovered one such feature, and despite the fact that we cover every new WhatsApp version, we somehow missed this one, as we are sure most of you did as well.

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Did you know that you can use motions to communicate emoticons during video calls on WhatsApp? Neither did we. We stumbled onto the feature and couldn’t resist but share it with you. Certain actions during WhatsApp video conversations cause emoticons to appear on the video call displays. For example, if you make the peace sign with your fingers during a video conversation, you and the person you’re video chatting with will see colorful balloons on the screen. Making the heart emoji with both hands activates heart emojis, the thumbs-up motion activates the standard Facebook thumbs-up emoji, and the thumbs-down move activates a thumbs-down emoji.

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When you’re discussing with buddies in a group, this function comes in handy. It may make video calls more participatory and enjoyable. It’s also a feature you can show off to your pals, keeping them wondering as to how you achieved it. This functionality is already accessible on the WhatsApp Android and iOS applications and appears to have been available for some time.

WhatsApp is bringing back the option for desktop users to send view-only movies to their contacts. Last year, the Meta-owned messaging service removed the ability to transmit and access photographs and videos through the online version, which drew complaints from some users. WhatsApp has recently rectified its decision, recognizing the importance of the view once function in enhancing user privacy.

Like Snapchat, WhatsApp’s see-once function allows you to share transitory material without it being saved in the recipient’s gallery. This feature is especially useful for sending sensitive or confidential material because it ensures that the media is only available for a short time and cannot be permanently kept on the recipient’s device.

The “view once” option prevents emailed photographs and videos from being forwarded, saved, starred, or shared. If the receiver has read receipts enabled, the sender can determine whether the recipient has accessed a “view once” photo or video. If the receiver does not access the photo or video within 14 days of its delivery, it will be immediately removed from the discussion. The recipient cannot also take screenshots of media that has the see once feature activated.

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