FIFTY FIFTY Speaks Up about his disagreement with the agency after filing a lawsuit: ‘We had no choice but to preserve our songs.’

After filing a lawsuit against the agency and its CEO, FIFTY FIFTY members posted a handwritten message to answer fans’ queries.

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FIFTY FIFTY filed a criminal complaint against the CEO of their agency ATTRAKT, Jeon Hong Joon, for alleged breach of trust. Before their debut, the group was signed to Jeon Hong Joon’s former firm, Star Crew Entertainment, and transferred to ATTRAKT. The organization has made charges about financial irregularities, including unlawful transfers of monies, debts, and other assets between the two firms. 

FIFTY FIFTY’s conflict with ATTRAKT

In the midst of this, FIFTY FIFTY members spoke to their fans about their choice. They exchanged handwritten letters addressing issues, misconceptions, and allegations about the case. The members were stunned by the circumstance and described it as a ‘difficult period.’ “We first wanted to take this opportunity to right the wrongs that have been imposed in our relationship with the agency,” they wrote. And we had no option but to preserve our music. So, after much thought, our members have chosen to choose this course.”

“It’s heartbreaking to see so many false stories being reported in news articles and on social media these days.” Nonetheless, we have been cautious in commenting on the termination of our exclusive contracts with our agency. This is not to say that we agree with or approve of what has been published in the media. We thought that taking the matter to court on the basis of facts was the best approach to resolve the problem. We had hoped that the truth would be revealed throughout the trial and that our rights would be protected.”

“We will continue to collect and submit materials and evidence based on facts,” they added. We hope that by doing so, we may dispel any questions and misconceptions. We truly hope that you do not overreact to incorrect assumptions and misconceptions and instead examine the facts rationally. Right now, all of our members are in this together, relying on one another to stay strong. What we actually want is to be able to carry out our activities as authentic artists in a safe setting.”

FIFTY FIFTY controversies

FIFTY FIFTY filed a lawsuit in June to have their exclusivity contracts with their agency terminated. The court later attempted to mediate between the two sides, but FIFTY FIFTY members stated that they had no intention of resolving the dispute through mediation. The organization filed a complaint against the agency the next day. Their earlier case will now be tried again.

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ATTRAKT and its CEO, on the other hand, alleged that ‘external entities’ were at work and accused Warner Song Korea and The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il (who was formerly in charge of FIFTY FIFTY’s song production) of pulling the group away from their agency. Another complaint was filed in the same case against Ahn and three other people for fraud, breach of duty, and business obstruction. So far, Warner Music Korea has refuted all charges.


FIFTY FIFTY is made up of four people: Sio, Saena, Aran, and Keena. The group, formed by Attrakt, made their debut in November 2022 with their EP The Fifty. Their viral track Cupid catapulted them to popularity. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie song, Barbie Dreams, starring Kaliii, is their most recent accomplishment.

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