Flash Floods in Sikkim As The Teesta River Overflows During A Cloudburst And Rain

    The Sikkim administration has issued a high alert to people of the two districts following a significant spike in river water after Tuesday night.

    Authorities reported a cloudburst sparked a flash flood in North Sikkim on Wednesday after the Teesta River’s water levels surged to dangerous levels overnight. The cloudburst occurred over Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim, causing the Teesta River, which flows through Sikkim and West Bengal, to flood.

    The river rose to 15 to 20 feet in height as water was released from the Chungthang dam. Locals’ videos showed a significant portion of a road being washed away by the roaring river floods. According to the Central Water Commission, the Teesta was running below the danger level at 6 a.m. on Wednesday and was projected to cross it within six hours.

    Twenty-three Army servicemen have also gone missing as a result of the flash floods. The Army has announced a huge effort to find the missing soldiers. The river Teesta

    According to the defense ministry, two bridges connecting Singtam and Chungthang in North Sikkim were also damaged in the towns of Dikchu and Toong. The Border Road Organisation (BRO) is rescuing residents in the affected areas.

    Flash Floods in Sikkim As The Teesta River Overflows During A Cloudburst And Rain, Axpert Media

    A flash flood warning had previously been issued in Sikkim’s north and east districts. Heavy rain has been falling in parts of Sikkim since last night. According to the India Meteorological Department, river water levels are steadily rising following the cloudburst. “Affected areas include Gazoldoba, Domohani, Mekhaliganj, and Ghish.” “Please be cautious,” it said.

    “No one was hurt, but there was significant damage to public property.” Some people have gone missing as well. “Relief operations are underway,” stated Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang during a visit to Singtam in North Sikkim.

    To guarantee the safety of all citizens, an alert has been issued to all police stations in low-lying locations. Those residing along the Teesta River’s banks have also been warned to leave their homes for their own safety. An advisory bulletin from the Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority recommended everyone to keep vigilant and avoid travel along the Teesta River basin.

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    Namchi and Namthang in South Sikkim have received 98.0mm and 90.5mm of rain, respectively, since yesterday. East and West Sikkim also received moderate rain. “Light to moderate rainfall is expected over Sikkim over the next 3-4 days,” the weather service stated in a tweet.

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