Get paid For Getting Answers From AI Like Dell E and Chat GPT And Earn More Than Rs.2.4 Crores

The IT sector is now wrestling with the contradictory beliefs that AI will both replace and create employment. While both approaches agree that artificial intelligence will revolutionize and reshape the employment environment, the critical question is whether the jobs produced by AI will be profitable. And the answer is, indeed, yes. Indeed, certain AI-related jobs, such as delivering exact suggestions to generative AI systems, may allegedly pay up to Rs 2.4 crores.

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According to ZDNET, the job role of artificial intelligence prompt engineer- who is tasked to create questions and instructions to get the majority of refined answers and images from programs like ChatGPT- is currently in high demand and can pay up to $300,000, which is approximately Rs 2.4 crores.

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“They just know how to write,” RBC Wealth Management’s head of technology, Greg Beltzer, told the newspaper. According to Beltzer, professional AI prompt-engineering salaries range from $175,000 to more than $300,000 annually. “Being a successful AI prompt developer entails more than just asking leading questions. To prosper on this professional path, you must mix the disciplines of AI, programming, language, problem-solving, and even art,” he said.

Companies are looking for talented professional writers who can successfully work with AI and get the greatest results as the professional sector undergoes a revolution with the wave of AI. According to the research, the position of an AI prompt engineer is as important as, if not more important than, that of a data scientist.

While the need for quick engineers is increasing, businesses are confronting a difficult challenge: a lack of highly competent experts. Recruiting them is getting increasingly difficult. “Most recruiters are simply stealing skilled professionals,” says Beltzer. However, in order to effectively aid with prompt engineering, you must think like the user. It is more than just coding or development. It’s a rare combination of business, technical, and artistic abilities.”

The career advise for AI-related jobs comes amid the industry’s fast advancement and rising anxiety among experts about the possible replacement of white-collar professionals by sophisticated technology.

According to experts, professionals such as coders, computer programmers, journalists, software engineers, data analysts, paralegals, and legal assistants should be especially sensitive to the changing environment of their jobs. They are urged to keep their abilities up to date and adapt to the evolving AI world. This is due to the fact that this change does not indicate that people with no relevant expertise may easily get profitable careers. Experience is still important, but it has to be enhanced for and with AI. 

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