Flat White Delight: Google Doodle Celebrates the Espresso Journey

Today, Google celebrated the flat white coffee through an interactive and adorable doodle. An espresso-based beverage coffee believed to have originated in Australia and New Zealand. 11 March was selected by Google. The reason, at this date, the coffee was officially included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011.

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Google explained on its website, “During the 1980s, many speculated that the drink was first served in New Zealand and Australia when it popped up on menus in Auckland and Sydney around the same time.”

Google added, “Over the years, coffee culture has changed a lot, and so have ways to make the same. Back in the day, it was made with whole milk. At present, it is common to see Kiwis and Aussies ordering it with plant-based milk. However, oat milk is a rising favourite!.”

Google explained the beverage further on its website: “Traditionally coffee served in a ceramic cup, a flat white is made up of an espresso shot topped with steamed milk and a thin layer of microfoam.

A flat white is made by blending micro-foamed milk with a single or double-shot espresso. This micro-foam, formed by aerating steamed milk, enhances the coffee’s smooth texture and creamy taste.

The perfect texture and consistency require careful methods of pouring and steaming, which are essential in preparing this beverage.

Flat white Coffee vs Cappuccino

Image showing flat white coffee and cappuccino coffee side by side, highlighting the difference.

Nescafe’s official website states- a flat white coffee is made of thin layer of milk foam with steamed milk within the drink. In contrast, a cup of cappuccino is made with foamed milk on top of the drink. “The ratio for cappuccino is a coffee and milk ratio of 1:2. Whereas the flat white coffee and milk ratio is 2:3.”

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