Google Gave 300 Percent Salary Rise to Prevent An Employee From Joining Another Firm

A 300 percent compensation increase for an employee? Could you imagine? Yes, corporations such as Google make it feasible. You may have heard of a 50 percent raise or maybe more, but 300 percent is just too much, and it also demonstrates how valuable the individual was to Google. Arvind Srinivas, CEO of the US-based Perplexity AI firm, disclosed the hire on Alex Kantrowitz’s Big Technology podcast. Here is the complete tale.

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Srinivas, who attended IIT Madaras, recently attempted to acquire a “amazing” Google employee for his Perplexity AI firm. After speaking with this organization, an employee’s logical next action is to contact his boss and alert him about the new employment offer.

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To his amazement, the Google employee received a jaw-dropping response from the internet giant. Srinivas stated that Google gave the employee a fourfold boost (roughly 300 percent) in wages after a wave of layoffs that affected thousands of employees globally.

Traditionally, when employees get outside offers, they may expect a modest counteroffer or a mutually acceptable parting talk with an early relieving letter. However, in one case, Google went above and above, surprising both the employee and an industry insider with an offer that beyond even the most hopeful expectations. Srinivas confirmed that the employee is still working over there, implying that the individual took Google’s 300 percent wage increase. The specifics of the AI startup’s offer to the Google employee are unknown, but the size of Google’s response demonstrates its commitment to retain elite personnel.

The timing of this counteroffer is especially interesting, considering Google’s recent labor reduction plans. While the actual date and month of this article have not been published, we do know that Google has been terminating a large number of people since last year. Over the last 1.5 months, the business has executed layoffs in several divisions, including Google Assistant, hardware, and central engineering. However, Google provided a lifeline to impacted employees by enabling them to seek different roles inside the company.

However, the clock is ticking for the displaced workers. If they do not find a new position at Google by April, they will be compelled to leave the firm. This adds urgency to their job hunt and highlights the competitive nature of Google’s internal employment market. 

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Priyanka sawant
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