Google Photos Introduces Photo Stacks and New AI-Powered Document Features to Help You Organize Your Library

Google Photographs is gaining new AI-powered capabilities to help users organize and categorize their photographs. Google Photos now offers a new Photo Stack feature that allows users to stack similar images together to keep their library clutter-free. Another AI-powered feature will recognize and automatically categorize screenshots and documents in the gallery, such as IDs, receipts, and event information, into additional albums. Furthermore, Google Photos now allows users to put reminders on certain photographs in order to find them later. All of these upgrades are now being distributed to Android and iOS users.

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Google announced the addition of new AI-powered capabilities to Google Photos in a blog post on Wednesday. As the name implies, the new Photo Stacks function automatically recognizes and brings together comparable images of the same topic taken within a limited time frame, and then chooses a “top pick” that best depicts that moment. Users can manually choose their favorite photo as a top choice. Stacks can be changed or disabled at any moment. This feature is intended to keep a user’s library organized and clutter-free.

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Google Photos is also using AI to better detect and categorize screenshots and documents. Screenshots will now be organized into albums such as identification, receipts, notes, recipes and menus, and social and event information. These albums may be found under the new Documents section of the Search menu. Users would be able to easily discover what they require without having to wade through all of the photographs.

Google Photos is also introducing a new feature that will allow users to make reminders directly from the Google Photos app. You may use this feature to add reminders to your calendar based on screenshots of a ticket or a photo with text or date information. This is accomplished by selecting the “Set Reminder” option, after which Google Photos will send you reminders depending on the information in the screenshot.

Users may have screenshots and documents automatically archived after 30 days, which hides them from the main gallery but keeps them available within their specialized albums.

According to Google’s blog, the new Photos capabilities are now available to users via the Google Photos app for Android and iOS.

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