Googles New Advanced AI Named  Gemini: Subscription Now Available in India

Google has launched the new Gemini AI model, which was first introduced last year but is now available to more people. The new Gemini has entirely replaced Bard and now supports the chatbot. The business has also introduced a new premium membership plan for the most powerful version of the Gemini AI. We’ll look at the various methods to use the new Gemini model. 

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Google’s new AI, Gemini, is a multimodal chatbot. It may interact with information in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, and code. Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot, visuals may be generated based on text input. Google Gemini may also translate languages with cultural subtleties and receive musical compositions based on text descriptions. 

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It is not yet a free-for-all, but access alternatives are growing.

  • Premium Plan: A Google One AI Premium membership will provide access to Google Gemini’s “Advanced” version. To have access to this, the user must pay a charge of Rs 1,950. 
  • Free Version: To use the free version, simply go to and log in using your Google account. The free version has replaced the Bard chatbot. Even accessing Bard will lead you to the Gemini chatbot. 


Google is selling the Google One AI Premium Plan for Rs 1,950 per month. However, this subscription includes additional perks such as 2TB of cloud storage, access to Google’s AI editing capabilities, and more. Google also guarantees that Gemini will soon be available in Gmail, Docs, and other Google services for AI Premium Plan subscribers.

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